Bill Kaufmann, MBA

Driving Results. Relentlessly.



  • “Bill is a well rounded eCommerce professional capable of contributing on the many dimensions of running an eBusiness. His passion, initiative and roll-up his sleeves willingness - always looking for an opportunity to get creative and out-of-the-box with everyday challenges - positions him as a great add to a team needing not just a thinker, but also a doer.”   (Bob Barr, SVP, Acquity Group)
  • “Bill has the ability to look down the road and see what is coming much quicker than most marketers. I like his ability to push the envelope and create solutions that are cost-effective and creative.”  (Ann Simpson, More Turns)
  •  “Kaufmann has a true entrepreneurial spirit and is a genuine "idea man".  I've appreciated his cooperation on many community projects over the years, his "can-do" attitude, and his concern for others.”    (David Graybill, Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber of Commerce)
  • "Kaufmann is an expert in e-commerce marketing and operations, project management and customer relationship management."                                (Chung-Shing Lee, Pacific Lutheran University)
  • “Bill is Mr. Creative! He is a fountain of ideas that create a river of great opportunities. He will help you navigate safely through sales shark infested waters and will lead you to destinations that others can only talk about.”        (Doug Miller, CEO, Tacoma Events Commission)
  • “Bill has vision, a long term perspective, determination, creativity and perseverance. Most importantly, he is tough minded and unflappable.  He is amazing in his ability to always be positive and more than anyone I know always takes the high road. A great guy to work with...”  (Ken Lund, Sr Executive, Goodwill Industries)
  • "Bill brought in new processes and systems that enabled the Tacoma Goodwill to become a leader in on-line sales....He was innovative, supportive and a true business driver.”     (Ron Lind, Executive, Goodwill Industries)
  • “Bill was and is an exceptional manager and mentor. He provided guidance and encouragement. He rewards good work with honest appreciation and was not afraid to offer guidance when and where needed.”  (Gill Quante, Goodwill Industries)
  • "Bill projects confidence, authority and enthusiasm and demonstrates natural leadership ability. He is committed to organizational goals and is totally committed to achieving excellence. Bill uses productive management techniques and obtains the full support of other Goodwill departments. He would be an asset to any organization.”    (John Tye, Sr Executive, Goodwill Industries)
  • "When it comes to managing projects and people, his go-getter nature and sense of ownership sets him apart from the rest of the pack. I would recommend Bill for any company looking for innovative solutions to rejuvenate their e-commerce business.”    (Michael McCully, Sr Technology Executive, Goodwill Industries)
  • "If you are considering working with Bill, do so. I know you will be satisfied with his efficiency and strong work ethic."   (Karen LaFlamme, Sr Executive, The Puyallup Fair)
  • “When does he sleep? Bill is the most energetic, passionate, creative guy I know. I don't know how he does it. I've known him for 23+ years and he still inspires me. “   (Jill Ginn, Executive, Commencement Bank)
  • "I appreciate your ideas and steady support of Tacoma Radiology. It's always a pleasure to work with you" (Belinda Moses, Sr Executive, Tacoma Radiology)
  • "Thanks for making Tacoma Mall's anniversary promotion a huge success...Traffic during the weekend increased 37%...The 3-day Frequent Shopper card count reached 3099, resulting in an 186% increase verses previous weeks."  (Robin Berry, Sr Executive, Tacoma Mall)
  • "Thank you for your "Obee Wan" -ness"  (Mary, Executive, Genesis Healthcare)

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Proud Veteran, US Coast Guard and US Air Force

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